Performance Wheel Covers

Efficiency Reimagined

Discover how Rimetrix products let you drive farther with better efficiency. 

Excellence in Design

Every single aspect of our products is carefully considered from different perspectives. We put
many years of industry experience in product design and manufacturing to work to create products that are of the highest quality and that bring the best value to our customers.

Outside the Lines

Get a fresh clean look in minutes. Our wheel covers extend over the rim of the wheel, thus covering any existing curb rash. 

Best in Class Quality

Quality is something you can always count on with Rimetix products. We take details seriously, whether it’s in the material selection or in establishing the production process. We perform rigorous tests on the products during validation stage and continue to follow up while in production to ensure top quality.

Convenient and Economical

It really takes minutes to install our wheel covers. It is safe and convenient. 

Environmentally Conscious

Our products are manufactured in facilities adhering the highest environmental 

“If we put aero wheel covers on every car in America, we could reduce the whole country’s energy use by probably more than 1%, and reduce fuel usage fleetwide by a few percent. That sounds small, but for such a simple change, it’s huge.” Jameson Dow – Feb. 26th 2020

Our Products

Word on the Street

"These are STUNNING. They are an Apple-level tolerance fit. They forced me to apply tire shine so the wheel looked as good as the rims. Love how they protect the metal of the wheels."
"Easy install. Perfect fit. Looks awesome. So happy to have rim edge covered - I had removed rim guards and could never get the glue off. And of course the curb rash is covered."
"I absolutely love these. Makes my car look amazing. You all did a great job! Hope see more from you in the future."