Laminar Black for Model Y (x4)

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Stand Out From the Crowd

Upgrade your Model Y today.

Rimetrix Laminar Black Wheel Covers Hub Caps for Tesla Model Y

Turn Heads

Get the larger wheel look with the benefits of the 19" tire.
Rimetrix Laminar Black Wheel Covers Hub Caps for Tesla Model Y

Turn Heads

Get the larger wheel look with the benefits of the 19" tire.

Extend Your Range

Lose the curb rash, not the range.
Rimetrix Laminar Black Wheel Covers Hub Caps for Tesla Model Y

Curb rash. Gone.

Laminar extends over the rim to cover existing curb rash and to protect from future curb rash.
Rimetrix Medusa Curb Rash

Curb rash. Gone.

Laminar extends over the rim to cover existing curb rash and to protect from future curb rash.

Protect Your Wheels

Vibration-dampening foam strips included to reduce noise and to protect the rim paint.
Rimetrix Foam Protection

Built To Last

We selected the best materials, so you can be sure that you’re getting a product that’s built to last.
Rimetrix Materials

Built To Last

We selected the best materials, so you can be sure that you’re getting a product that’s built to last.

Snap. And Lock.

Experience the unwavering reliability and performance of our patented two-part securing system.

First, install the wheel cover without the center cap. You will feel it snap securely in place. Then, install the center cap to activate the locking mechanism.
Rimetrix Laminar Black Wheel Covers Hub Caps for Tesla Model Y

Easy to Service

Access the valve stem to top off air without having to remove the wheel covers.
Rimetrix Laminar Black Wheel Covers Hub Caps for Tesla Model Y

Easy To Service

Access the valve stem to top off air without having to remove the wheel cover.

Made in USA

We design and manufacture our products here in the USA.
Rimetrix is Made in USA.
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Verified ownerVerified owner

Love the covers! Only suggestion would be to pre-install the foam strips. I had no issue on the install but I can see it being an issue for others to apply and possibly even a deterrent from purchases.

4 months ago
Michael K.
Michael K.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Easy-to-install and looks great on my car. Glad to change out the same old, same old OEM caps for something that helps differentiate my car.

4 months ago
Image #1 from Glenn G.Image #2 from Glenn G.
Glenn G.
Glenn G.
Verified ownerVerified owner

They look great...way better than OEM wheel covers! Have gotten a number of compliments. Very nicely packaged and good directions.

5 months ago

Compatible with the original factory Tesla Model Y 19″ Gemini base alloy wheel OEM Part #1188222-00-B and #3488222-00-A (2020-present).

Your results may vary. Different factors can have a great influence on efficiency performance.

Wheel covers make direct contact with wheel surface. Some scuffing may occur.

Different tires will make your wheels look different.

Includes (4) wheel covers, (4) center caps, and (1) rim protection kit.

For non-US orders: ***IMPORT TAX IS NOT INCLUDED*** 


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 10 in

48 reviews for Laminar Black for Model Y (x4)

  1. Samuel McClellan (verified owner)

    I got the Orbital Black covers when Rimetrix was still in kickstarter and love them, so I was very excited to hear about the Laminar Black covers for Model Y – they did not disappoint, They install incredibly easily, and they look fantastic. Highly recommended!

  2. Emmanuel Smith (verified owner)

    Let’s face it, the Gemini aero covers do not look awesome. But I like the increased efficiency and reduced wind noise by leaving them on. I hyperdipped mine black, but I still had the silver ring of the wheel around the cover so it’s not a finished look. These black Laminars are what I’ve been waiting for to finally replace the aero covers and have a finished blacked out look for the Gemini wheels and also keep the wind noise down and efficiency up. They look great and are worth every penny and the wait.

  3. BYOUNG KWAN KIM (verified owner)


  4. BYOUNG KWAN KIM (verified owner)

    Perfect! Luxury!

  5. Eunjung Jung (verified owner)

    Luckly, I’ve got these wheel covers earlier than i expected.
    I am empressed that they have packed perfectly.
    If you have model y 19″ model then must buy it.
    The car looks has been changed totaly sharp and nice.
    Lastly, Easy to assemble and easy to deassemble.

    Strongly recommend 🙂

  6. jiwoon shin (verified owner)

    Cheers to your hard work!

  7. Andrea Zini (verified owner)

    I really like these wheel cover that suit perfectly and make the carton design better

  8. Stefan Groenveld (verified owner)

    The rims look very good and the attachment works great. However, I think a great opportunity has been missed here. All the streamlined rims on the market are optically optimised for one side only. With this product, it would have been easy to achieve this for both sides. Unfortunately, all the covers look the same and therefore only really good on one side. It would have been easy to produce two mirror-inverted covers and I had actually expected that here.

  9. Christian Ambrocio (verified owner)

    Just got them in the mail today. And they look great, I didn’t want to pay the 2k for the induction wheels. But also didn’t want to pay for just black aftermarket 19s. I’ve been waiting since March of 2021 for a product like this to come out, I’m extremely surprised that their isn’t more options from others, I love it my looks Even better now!!!!!

  10. Jay Lamb (verified owner)

    I love the look of these covers over the Model Y Gemini aero covers. Everything was packaged great and it was an easy install. I lecture my wife not to curb the tires and then I recently did just that. The Rimetrix took a beating but saved my oem rim from any damage. I was relieved to find they allowed single replacements and they shipped me one Lightning fast. This product and this company get an A+ in my book.

  11. Xavier IrAal (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was looking for. Since the Model Y comes with matte black trim, the 19 Aero Covers look out of place. Enter LAMINAR! Great addition to the matte trim and covers the entire wheel, unlike the stock covers. I do wish they came wilt more curve to the “spokes” but, I suspect the design is meant to provide near (or better) range. Already scuffed one and decided to order another set to have on hand if/when I scuff another one. Good job!

  12. John Gibson (verified owner)

    Thanks Rimetrix, makes our Model Y look cool, fresh and sexy. The wheel covers made the car look totally awesome. Excellent quality product ….

  13. ERKAN DERIN (verified owner)

    I ordered laminar black for Model Y-2021.
    The wheel covers look amazing. I wish I can post the pictures to share with the community. I highly recommend the product. Great quality!

  14. Joseph Yakimicki (verified owner)

    I put these on my 2022 MYLR with 7 miles on the odometer. They look great. They are high quality and made here in the USA too. They are worth every penny!

  15. Spencer Klew (verified owner)

    Installation was easy and everything seems very well fitted. The Laminar covers really look great, and are a big step up aesthetically compared to the OEM Gemini covers. Would absolutely recommend to a friend.

  16. philip goldman (verified owner)

    Fast shipping!!!!Looks great on the 2022 model y easy to install.Would like to find a black wheel cover with a red tesla logo that i can replace the center cap.Please email if anyone knows were I can get a set.

  17. jeremy gray (verified owner)

    geminis are ugly.
    you could get 20s or 21s, pay the extra thousands, and get a bumpier ride.

    or you could get these. they install in 3 minutes per wheel and look awesome. and you get to keep your 19” ride.

    do it.

  18. Elliott Lansdown-Bridge (verified owner)

    Amazing result and just to prove it take a look at my car here :

  19. Tom H (verified owner)

    Product seems well made and well packaged. At the time of ordering it was not made clear there would be an additional £85 GBP import fee (they have since added this to website). Would not have ordered at such a ridiculous price. UK buyers beware, $135 shipping fee does not include import tax or additional “brokerage fee” that has to be paid to UPS.

  20. Samer Hazboun (verified owner)

    Fantastic I love it!

  21. Rick Johnston (verified owner)

    My wife’s car and we both love them. We had a small problem with the original order and Rimetrix was very prompt in solving our issue. Great customer service

  22. Frank Adiepena (verified owner)

    Beautiful. This folks solved the problem Tesla couldn’t.

  23. PAVAN SHELLIKERI (verified owner)

    I got my model y last month and as soon as I got it and I brought it home and the first thing I did was replace the factory covers with the laminars. I must say I was more excited for this than anything else in the car. It changed the whole look of my car!! I did not even take pictures with the factory wheels and that is how much I am in love with these covers. They are simply fantastic and worth every penny!!

  24. William Holoman (verified owner)

    Awesome! Changed the entire look of my car in 15 minutes. High quality and a perfect fit. Looking forward to lots of new styles in the future. 😎👍

  25. Jason Manakat (verified owner)

    Awesome wheel covers. Changes the look of the car. Looks great with with a 56mm Tesla Logo center cap sticker.

  26. Stephen Michetti (verified owner)

    placed my order on Saturday, 21 May and received the black wheel covers for model Y on Wednesday, 25 May via standard shipping. In less than 30 minutes, they were installed on the car. They look amazing. Putting the wheels on actually takes less than 2 minutes per wheel with no tools. The only time consuming part is putting the self stick foam strips on the new wheel covers prior to installing. Love the look – only time will tell if they hold up to weather and road grime.

  27. Tim Danforth (verified owner)

    MUST HAVE!!! Not only do they look like actual Black Turbine rims but they provide amazing rim protection. How do I know? I let my son drive and boom, curb rash. Didn’t notice it until I washed the car but totally saved my rims and now I ordered a spare so I can take my time and repair the curb rash and have a back up spare to keep my car looking sharp!

  28. Susan Kornblut (verified owner)

    Love these so much better looking than the ugly Gemini wheel covers and they protect the rims look great on my Midnight Silver Model Y

  29. Russell Quong (verified owner)

    I got the Laminar Black for the Y. It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end. Shipped in a day, got them under a week from ordering. Very well packaged. Super easy to install, just like the directions. They look absolutely great. My only minor quibble is it takes a while to install all 28 rim cushion strips.

    This is exactly the product I was looking to find – a great looking aerodynamic black wheel cover. I’m recommending this to my co-workers.

  30. Ethan Narber (verified owner)

    Ordered these Orbital Black covers and they shipped and arrived in less than 48 hours. Extremely easy to install, and they look fantastic. Quality seems very high so far.

    Highly recommend!

  31. Pal Kristian Halle (verified owner)

    Looks way better than the stock covers. Excellent customer service. One of the covers had scratches when they arrived, despite very careful packaging. When I reported this they immediately sent me a replacement cover.

  32. Andrew Junkins (verified owner)

    These look very good on car. After 1 year/8k miles they have held up well so far. Two issues with the product worth noting: (1) They scratch the underlying wheel’s paint in the area of the retention features. It’s a small area on all 7 spokes of rims and all 4 rims. (2) The center retention hub is very difficult to remove without scratching the wheel covers in the process. Lots of dirt gets trapped between the wheels and these covers so you will likely want remove them every time you wash the car. I hope they come up with an improved design or tool to aid with removal in future products.

    • Rimetrix (store manager)

      Regarding the marks on the spokes, although they look like scratches, they are most likely just buildup and they should come off with some soap and water. Here is a video for reference:
      As for the center cap removal, a paper towel or a soft cloth can be used to assist in prying the center cap out. This will keep all show surfaces safe. Please refer to the installation guide:
      I hope this helps. We very much appreciate your feedback.

  33. Coleman Palmer (verified owner)

    Just got these two days ago. Went on easily and fit perfectly. I am very happy with the look. At first glance, they look like actual wheels rather than wheel covers. Quality is very high.

  34. Chun M. (verified owner)


    Image #1 from Chun M.
  35. Sean H. (verified owner)

    Very happy with my Luminar Black hubcaps. My Model Y looks much sportier and it was super easy to install. Would definitely recommend Rimetrix hubcaps over the hubcaps sold on Amazon. Well worth it!

    Image #1 from Sean H.
  36. Chris Z. (verified owner)

  37. Matt B. (verified owner)

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Looks great, easy install

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  39. Scott (verified owner)

    Easy to install, look great, protect the wheels!

  40. Michael (verified owner)

    Delivered as promised – quality is great!

  41. Glenn G. (verified owner)

    They look great…way better than OEM wheel covers! Have gotten a number of compliments. Very nicely packaged and good directions.

    Image #1 from Glenn G.
    Image #2 from Glenn G.
  42. George F. (verified owner)

    Runs look great and fit well. I only am knocking a star off because they aren’t directional, so one side of the car the rims look backwards. It’s just a minor thing but something to be aware of.

  43. Keith F. (verified owner)

    Quality product and easy to install.

  44. Michael K. (verified owner)

    Easy-to-install and looks great on my car. Glad to change out the same old, same old OEM caps for something that helps differentiate my car.

  45. Peter K. (verified owner)

    Excellent design and quality – way better than the Chinese cheapies.

  46. Stephen (verified owner)

    Love the covers! Only suggestion would be to pre-install the foam strips. I had no issue on the install but I can see it being an issue for others to apply and possibly even a deterrent from purchases.

  47. Marge F. (verified owner)

    This rims look great, were easy to install, and make my MYLR look wonderful!

  48. Stan (verified owner)

    The covers look fantastic!! Highly recommend them.

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