Orbital Black for Model 3 (x4)

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  • The Orbital wheel covers are compatible with the Tesla Model 3 18″ Aero alloy wheels OEM Part #104422100 (2017-2020) and #104426100 (2021 – 2023). They are designed only for these wheels, and they will not work with any other wheels. Not compatible with 2024 Highland Refresh.


  • Larger wheel look with the advantages of the 18 inch Aero base wheel
  • Covers the outside rim edge to provide curb rash protection
  • Foam padding kit included to help protect the wheel paint
  • Hides any existing curb rash
  • Durable in all weather conditions
  • Patented (US 11,787,230 B2) snap and lock wheel mounting system
  • Provides efficiency through superior aerodynamics
  • Fast installation
  • Affordable and easy to replace
  • Responsibly manufactured
  • Made in USA




Your results may vary. Different factors can have a great influence on efficiency performance.

Wheel covers make direct contact with wheel surface. Some scuffing may occur.

Includes (4) wheel covers, (4) center caps, and (1) rim protection kit.

For non-US orders: ***IMPORT TAX IS NOT INCLUDED***

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 in

46 reviews for Orbital Black for Model 3 (x4)

  1. Fabien Bourdon (verified owner)

    Purchased a set of Black wheel covers. Perfect fit and they look great, also really like that they cover up my all the scratches from my old rims. Highly recommend!

  2. Teddy Boundas (verified owner)

    Bought a set of the black rims and they all fit on perfectly! They also look great on my grey model 3! Highly recommend!

  3. Shawn Jaeeed (verified owner)

    Purchased this April 11, 2021

    This took about 3 and a half weeks to arrive
    I did not unbox it right away as life got in the way
    Anyways, I finally was able to delete the chrome of my 18 model 3

    I placed these on and inserted a Tesla aluminum cap off of Amazon to cover the log.

    This sets off the car like nothing else
    It actually looks rims not hub
    It has a satin finish and is rich black and matches well with the satin chrome delete kit from tesbro

    I almost never write a review, but for those who just don’t want to drive on rubber bands
    This looks super OEM and a lot different than stock caps
    Best of all, it actually covers the full wheels edge to edge so if there is curb rash it’s covered and sits well.
    Best 265 I spent.

  4. Carlo Santillan (verified owner)

    I love the look. It changed the appearance of the car drastically. The only con is that it takes so long to get delivered (about a month).

  5. Christian Vasquez (verified owner)

    I bought these 3 weeks ago and I have to say…wow wow wow!! I can’t wait to get a set for my model Y! Great product and the car looks amazing! I have gotten so many great comments on them already and it covers up any rim rashes you might have!

  6. Oliver Konarkowski (verified owner)

    Bought and received the Orbital Black wheel covers and absolutely love them. Easy to install and they are getting a lot of head turns on the road. 100% recommend them. Looking forward to the Model Y version so we swap out the Gemini wheel cover with these.

  7. Richard Yap (verified owner)

    The best accessory for my Model 3. Thank you Rimetrix!

  8. Peter Grässlin (verified owner)

    I was a bit unsure how the orbitals would look in reality and what the quality would be.
    Today they arrived…
    The quality is absolutely top and they are just beautiful. It realy looks like brandnew black rims. Highly recommend!

  9. Shaun Gleason (verified owner)

    Good Lord. This completely changed the appearance of my vehicle. It went from a 8/10 with the standard aero caps, to a 11/10. I personally work for tesla, and I am getting questions daily on where I got them! BUY THESE. DO NOT HESITATE. THANK YOU RIMETRIX.

  10. Zack Milbourn (verified owner)

    Look far nicer than oem aero covers, easy installation and great fit and finish. We’ll worth the money, highly recommended!

  11. John Gutterman (verified owner)

    Super awesome!

  12. Rodimark Santos (verified owner)

    I contemplated on making a purchase due to the price but there was just no other products out there like it and having the positive reviews convinced me to go for it. Everything about these product is top notch. The quality, fit and finish justified the purchase. The installation was easy and they really look good in person. No disappointment here.

  13. Michael Thompson (verified owner)

    Ordered April 11, 2021. Took a few weeks but it was well worth the wait. These wheel covers look so much better than the two toned stock wheel covers. Everyone thought they were a set of new rims. I can’t wait until they produce a set for the Model Y.

  14. Jeremy Chrysler (verified owner)

    Very, very happy with these. They look much better than the stock covers and, when combined with a chrome delete, totally change the look of the car.

  15. Michael Ashton-Moore (verified owner)

    shipped much faster than I was expecting. Packaging was amazing, multiple layers of large bubblewrap and packing per cover, not way these are getting damaged in transit.
    It took a little while to get the protective foam strips installed, but once that was done the installation was trivial.
    Well worth it and they look fantastic, so much better than the OE covers.
    Tesla needs to add these to the car avatar in the in-car display 😉

  16. Ramsey Moorman (verified owner)

    I placed the order on Aug 20th which was on a Friday and got them delivered on the 26th the following Wednesday. They look so great. I had severe road rash on my old rim from the old aero wheels and these hide those perfectly. The black on black (model 3 color) looks great. If they came out with a dark grey like the original aero wheels I think that would be a nice addition to the line up as well over the silver. Awesome product and saved thousands instead of getting new rims and sacrificing range.

  17. Bruce Bolduc (verified owner)

    Black covers look Really nice on a white model 3. I received them very fast and they look much better than stock aero covers.
    Easy to install

  18. Nick Verdolivo (verified owner)

    Ordered these for my Model 3 last week! They came in 5 days and were super easy to install. They look like a set of new rims, the fit is perfect – can’t recommend them enough!

  19. Stephen Woesthoff (verified owner)

    When I ordered back in May the “protection kit” was not included and now it is. Why is that you would ask? Because without it the Orbital wheel covers scratch the hell out of your OEM rims. Definitely should include some verbiage saying protection kit recommended or something. The only reason I noticed is because I had to take them off for a tire rotation. All 4 rims are scratched and chafed all the way around the outer rim. Yeah that rim that is “protected” by the orbital wheel covers is ironically completely scratched by them. Also with the protection kit you can hear them rattle when you hit bumps in the road. So the fact the protection kit is now included with the set is kind of telling isn’t it?

    I will say they do look great. Unfortunately now I have to order the protection kit to prevent any further damage and eventually pay to have the scratches fixed if possible.

  20. Jorge Aguero (verified owner)

    Well honestly looks great, I bought on June a set, came without a rim protector foam and after one of the cover without hitting a nothing get off i noted the rim scratches….them I bought another set this came with the upgrade of foam mentioned before and today driving in flooded area , just a feet, another came off….apparently the grip of the cover is not stronger then original Tesla Covers….

  21. Danny Woolston (verified owner)

    So far brilliant, looks absolutely fantastic on the new 2021 white model 3, and not just they were super quick to install and they protect the alloy underneath epic 👏🏻

  22. Erik Smith (verified owner)

    Awesome look, I have now purchased 2 sets for both my Model 3’s. Always get complements and people think that they are wheels and not hubcaps.

  23. Mark Yen (verified owner)

    Foam pads were the longest part of the install. Took me about 10 minutes to unbox and foam pad all the covers, and another 2 minutes to install all the covers. Looks amazing in the sun and at night it looks like any other black wheels. Delivery was decent as it was shipped from UPS, but the processing took 3.5 weeks.(they had a week counter before they sent on the product page so i wont fault them.)

  24. Navid Vahidi (verified owner)

    I can’t comment on the efficiency claims, but these definitely look way better on my White M3 than the standard aeros. It’s a bit pricy but otherwise no complaints.

  25. Nina Bennett (verified owner)

    Honestly, I’m super bummed to be leaving this review but I’m hoping this will keep others from the same frustration I experienced. I purchased these at the beginning of the year based on the amazing reviews as I wanted to change the look of my Model 3 18 inch rims. It took a few months for me to get them and shortly after I mounted them, I saw that the company now added the foam padding kit as an option. I’ll be honest, I live in Switzerland and did not want to bother with having the shipped here agin and waiting that long but I surely regret that now. I actually contacted the company to ask if it’s recommended and they gave me an honest answer: “It is recommended to add the foam padding kit if you intend to take the covers off once in a while. Paint scuffing is likely to occur in the long run since the cover makes direct contact with the wheel.” So yes, this is 100% on me but I do want to mention that if you plan on removing these at any point, know that if you are not using the foam, these covers will scratch and damage your original rims. I did not have any curb rash or damages on mine prior to mounting the covers and they are totally scratched all around now. It’s a cool product in theory but it definitely needs improvement especially since it actually damages your rims.

  26. BORIS SHMIDT (verified owner)

    Purchased in May 2021.

    These were great until I had to do at tire rotation. They destroyed my rims because they vibrate & after putting them back on they all creak now.

  27. Zachary Selzler (verified owner)

    Fit well and look great, but low quality plastic, comes loose over time and now you hear a loud rattling noice every time my car hits even the slightest bump.

  28. Mike Snider (verified owner)

    These look fantastic. Super easy to install and it totally changes the look of the car. They come with foam padding included so no scratches or noise.

  29. Andrew Cope (verified owner)

    Great look on my model 3. Highly recommend. Andy UK.

  30. Josh Patton (verified owner)

    These shipped much faster than I expected. Installation was quick and everything fit just right. The foam strips seem to protect the rim, purchased an extra kit but didn’t end up needing it. Everything was included in the box. I am very happy with these. They look great on my model 3.

  31. Fuad abdi (verified owner)

    Got a set of Black wheel covers for my model 3, they are beautiful and it on perfectly. Had to pay an additional £72 on import tax for shipment to UK 🙁

  32. Tamra Casello (verified owner)

    Easy to install and they hold up nicely. I’ve had mine on for about 7 months now and have had no issues. The cracking noise I experienced with the OEM covers is eliminated and no scuffs to the wheels themselves due to the protection. Best part, they get mistaken for upgraded wheels all the time. HIGH quality hubcaps. I would purchase again.

  33. Lester Mallet (verified owner)

    Ordered May 2021 and love them… but recently noticed a rattle on front units. Emailed customer service and in two days I had a foam strip kit… took 10 minutes to add to rims and no more rattle! Great customer service!

  34. Jeff Rojas (verified owner)

    I decided that I wanted 18″ tires on my new Model 3 but I couldn’t stand the Aero wheel covers but I didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars for new rims.

    These covers really complimented the look of my blacked out Model 3 with some red caliper covers. Most people think these are custom rims.

    The installation process was super easy and they are easy to clean.

    I highly recommend them!

  35. Kyle McCoy (verified owner)

    These are excellent wheel covers that really added a lot of style and dynamic to my Model 3. The instructions are clear and the installation is simple. I love the added protection you receive of the outer rim. I reached out to customer service and the response was prompt and generous. I know I feel great about purchasing a product that is the result of great people. Highly recommend, if you’re on the fence just go for it!

  36. Kimberly Berruete (verified owner)

    Very easy to install. It comes with adhesive and shows your where to place it. Installed them in my Model 3 2022 and there’s no rattle when i drive either. Delivery took about 2 weeks and they change the whole look of the car. It’s been a couple months since i got them and I’m still in love with them.

  37. Milad (verified owner)

    Really nice wheel covers. Enhances the Model 3 so much it looks like a Performance trim.

  38. Noah Bateson (verified owner)

  39. David P. (verified owner)

    Image #1 from David P.
  40. Vincent volpato (verified owner)

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Cost more than others but quality appears to be better. Nice looking and good value.

  42. Viv Rathbone (verified owner)

    All the reviews say what a great product it is. I like the fact you can order single ones as well. Haven’t received them yet. As you don’t freight directly to New Zealand, I had to use NZ Post UShop and send them via Portland.

  43. David I. (verified owner)

    Great fit, easy to install a look great!

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Customer service is terrible as well as their products.

    • Rimetrix (store manager)

      We’re sorry to hear about your experience. We strive to provide the best service and products to our customers. Our records indicate that, in response to your inquiry, we provided a comprehensive and detailed answer within 12 minutes, outlining various options regarding your concern. We hope to serve you better in the future.

  45. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These work and look great. No range loss and a secure fit that resists accidental disattachment.

  46. Thomas Mahon (verified owner)

    Great product, fast delivery, home grown, what else could you ask for?

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